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  1. 03.23.2012

    The video is up!

  2. 07.10.2011

    Video is up!

  3. 07.02.2011

    That must have been cool watching them make pancakes.

  4. 07.02.2011

    it’s me agian don’t forget to study your facts!!!!!!!! Kajsa what was your favorite thing you did out of all the places you’ve gone? I really miss you when are you coming back? You are first on the list of kids I want to come to my birthday party in the skating rink. I REALLY hope to see you soon. And don’t have TOO much fun.


  5. 07.01.2011

    Hey Kajsa, I was wondering what will you do on the fourth? Do you eat special foods or sit on a field on an old sheet and watch fireworks? hope to see you soon!


  6. maddy harvey

    Hey Linnea,
    Every one here misses you. you look like u r having fun in all of these videos. i hope u r having fun
    Maddy Harvey

  7. 06.08.2011

    I have a lot to talk about but do you think the girls were good dancers (I still think Isabella Young is a lot better at dancing) but still I do think that they were pretty good. How young were they? It said under the picture young girls dancing.

    really miss you,

  8. 06.08.2011

    Hi again,
    just a quick question are you planing to go to North Carolina on your trip?

  9. 06.07.2011

    Hey Kajsa,
    I miss you soooo much!!!!!!!! How are things going? My family and I are fostering a puppy that we are calling Lilly. Have you learned to eat with chopsticks yet? I can’t wait until you come back next year. All the other girls in school say that they really miss you ,but I think I miss you a lot more. Do you know what day you are coming back? I hope to see you really soon. I also hope to see your sister too. Today the Bruins mascot came into school for Bruins spirit day. I REALLY miss you!
    see you soon,

  10. John Lindblom

    Hey folks. Xuyen, Laura and I really enjoyed spending the evening with you Sunday. Will be following your adventure more closely from now. John

  11. Isabella Young

    Hi Kajsa,
    Hows the trip going? I loved ur blog it was soo cool I loved it!!!

  12. Isabella

    Hi Kajsa,
    I hope yo are having a great time around the world. My FAVORITE videos are the elephant ride and the soccer stadium with the soccer ball vending machine, that is so cool , I would totally get one. I know this is a long message, so I going to end it now. Tell me all about the trip when you get back. From ISABELLA MOLLOY

  13. Jessica Bermudez

    woops, don’t know why that posted! anyway, I hope you are having a great trip around the world, Kajsa! i can’t wait to here how much you liked it when you get back. And my FAVORITE video or photo ( I can’t remember which one it was) was the soccer ball vending machine in Africa! Bye!

  14. Jessica Bermudez


  15. Victoria Graham

    Kajsa, I miss you so much!! I love all your videos but my favorite one is you and your sister reporting from Kilaseya Waterfall, Tanzania it is so loud but AWESOME! I wish I was there right now with you having so much fun. You are a lucky girl to go all around the world I really hope you are having a great time! This is such a long note or letter or whatever you want to call it but I am going to end it like this … from, V.G.

  16. 01.20.2011

    Discover a lot of really cool things in Egyp and Italy those places have a lot of cool buildings and a lot other stuff! I miss you a lot!

  17. Isabella Young

    I hope you have an amazing journey around the world. Discover different things like different languages in different states and countrys.

    Isabella Young

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