Lists of random information will be updated as we go…


Number of flights taken:  44

Number of airplanes we’ve slept on:  5

First person sick:  Per (fever and cold in Santiago)…shortly followed by Kajsa (fever and cold in Llico)…then Linnea (ear infection and stomach bug in Ushuaia)…then Sian (fever in Noordhoek)

Best Breakfast:  Chiang Rai LeMeridien Resort, Thailand

Modes of Transportation:  Car, Airplane, Horse, Bicycle, Camel, Traditional Junk (boat), Ferry boat, Long boat, Elephant, Night Train, Travelator, Subway, Commuter Train, Ski lift, Tuk Tuk, Van, Cable car, Walking (A LOT!)

Number of IKEA’s visited:  3 (Dubai, Beijing, Athens)


Number of avocados consumed:  14 17

Places we’ve seen chickens:  farm, street, hills, beach (yes, walking on the beach!)

Number of stray dogs Kajsa wanted to take home:  too many to count

Number of scorpions killed:  1

Favorite meals:  Dinner at Federico and Javiera’s House, Pollo Stop in Santiago, Soledad’s mom’s empanadas

Most unusual thing we saw:  3 boys on bicycles leading a horse down the main street of town closely followed by a pack of dogs

Close call:  boarded flight to Buenos Aires with 10 minutes to spare.  Due to some confusion at check-in, we were directed to the wrong line, which we didn’t discover until 20 minutes later when they couldn’t find our reservation.  We were sent to general information and then another line.  Another wait of 20 minutes and we were sweating it.  Amazingly, we were still given our original seat assignments (hurray for GOL Airlines!) and it turned out fine…but close.  Whew.

Number of downward facing dogs:  8


Animals seen in Tierra del Fuego:  red foxes, beavers, bunnies, horses, birds, dogs, ducks, penguins

Number of stray cats Kajsa wanted to take home:  too many to count

Number of family members who wanted to hug a penguin:  4

Number of penguins hugged:  None (they bite)

Number of downward facing dogs:  3 (but many more standing poses)

Favorite meals:  lunch at Broccolino’s in Buenos Aires, lunch at Puerto Recoleto in BA

South Africa:

Favorite store name:  Dolce & Banana

Favorite meals:  Braai with Nic and Tahren at The Shakk in Noordhoek, lunch at Rotisserie 360 in Cape Town, breakfast at the Olympia Cafe in Kalk Bay, Sushi at the Arabella resort (near Hermanus)

Best bumper sticker:  Noordhoek’d

Best fika:  The Food Barn Deli

Number of downward facing dogs:  8


Most unusual drink:  Chagga banana beer

New family motto:  Hakuna Shida (no problem)

Favorite meals:  Swahili Seafood Curry at the Southern Sun in Dar es Salaam, Steak dinner at KIsima Ngeda Camp near Lake Eyasi, everything made by Chef Joseph at Nasikia Camp

Unexpected traffic jam:  Zebras and wildebeests all over the place!

Favorite way to travel:  with David at the helm and lunch boxes ready to go


Most unusual form of transportation:  camel

Favorite meal:  Green Valley Restaurant in Jerash

On nights when you can’t see the stars don’t worry.  They live in the Wadi Rum desert.


Favorite meal:  Dinner with Eleonore, Philippe and the boys

Favorite form of transportation:  The awesome metro and the local boat taxi


Favorite place to eat:  Chiang Rai Night Market

Best Thai Ice Tea:  Paragon Mall, Bangkok (in the basement food court)

Most unusual food we tried:  deep-fried crickets

Most unusual mode of transportation:  elephant

Most unexpected (and unwelcome) adventure:  7.0 earthquake centered about 55 miles away in southern Burma.



Favorite meal:  All of them!

If you go, you must try the fruit shakes in Luang Prabang.  They are everywhere.

Favorite form of transportation:  Slow boat, bicycle, and on foot

Favorite evening ritual:  eat by the river than walk through the Night Market


Best place to feel like Indiana Jones:  Ta Prohm temple in Angokor


A small sampling of things we’ve seen on mopeds:  People (as many as 5 on one moped, including babies and small children), groceries, mattress, TV, flower baskets, luggage, office supplies, drywall, chickens

The women in Hanoi are very glamorous, and wear some seriously high heels.  Everywhere.  (Even when they drive their mopeds – I don’t know how that works.)


Number of ping-pong games in Cappadocia:  at least 40


Number of baguettes consumed in Paris:  4  (in 2 days)

13 Responses to “Random”
  1. Mackenzie Dillon

    HI Wingerup family!
    (It’s Mackenzie, Michaela’s sister from Kajsa’s class) We learned about your website in social studies today and I just wanted to tell you my sister and I both hope you guys have a great time!

  2. Lars Borjesson

    Hej Per.
    Först nu förstår jag att ni är ute på vårldens tur. Detta efter att ha hittat er hemsida.
    Hur länge ska ni vara på resande fot? och vilka ytterligare länder ska ni besöka?
    Vi kan väl höras av framöver. Kanske har ni lite tips till oss. Vi åker till Tanzania och Zanzibar i juni.

    Må så gott Lars med familj

    • per


      Vi ligger ute till den 15 augusti – avslutar resan med tva veckor pa Osterlen.

      Kolla var itinerary under About pa hemsidan. Vi ar i Jordan nu och ska sen vidare till Dubai, Bhutan osv.

      Vi hors!

  3. 02.05.2011

    Hey Wingerup family!

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your first month on the road! You are living a dream that many of us have had, but you guys are brave enough to evolve dreams into action. Your family is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for spending a little time in your epic adventure with us in Noordhoek, Cape Town.

    With much love,
    The Faraday Family

  4. Ann

    More down dogs, please

  5. Sylvia

    I bet those dogs were REALLY cute.
    what kind were they???????

  6. 01.21.2011

    I hope you are having an AWESOME time around the world!! :]
    I miss you a lot!
    Isabella Young

  7. Isabella Young

    It’s Isabella Young I can actually skipe with you. Sorry I spelled it wrong I ment to say skipe. I went to say skipe instead snipe! I hope you have an awesome time around the world you have to tell me about it in fourth grade!
    Bye Have a very safe trip love,
    Isabella Young

  8. 01.20.2011

    Kajsa i would so want to take home the dogs too!

    that’s cool i like the random stuff…

    Miss you all so much!!!

  9. 01.18.2011

    hi kajsa,
    its isabella molloy, i hope your having a really good trip. we were on this website in school today ,its awesome. i cant beleive you have Christmas in the summer! i wish you were here, i miss you a lot but i hope you have fun!
    by, isabella molloy

  10. 01.18.2011

    Hope you have a very safe trip around the world hope you can get back to me soon.

    Isabella Young

  11. Isabella Young


    I can tell why you want to take a lot of stray dogs home. I would like to take one home, too if my mom would let me. I miss you so much I wish I could snipe you. Well my computer doesn’t do snipe so that’s why I wish I could see you. I hope you have a lot of fun and a safe trip.

    Isabella Young

  12. Sabrina

    We are so excited for you all and the adventure that lies ahead for you. We will be following you (virtually) and looking forward to learning about what you all are seeing and doing.

    What a tremendous gift you are giving to the girls, and to yourselves. To say that we are jealous is a MASSIVE understatement!

    All our love and best wishes for a safe and magical journey,

    Sabrina, Todd, Betsy and Calvin

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