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Heading Home (11 photos)
15 August 2011

Feeling like early fall (30 photos)
12 August 2011, Sweden

Swedish summer days (34 photos)
4 August 2011, Sweden

Biking to Christinehof Castle (18 photos)
3 August 2011, Sweden

Hiking @ Drakamollan (16 photos)
2 August 2011, Sweden

Arriving in Sweden (31 photos)
1 August 2011, Sweden

Paris (38 photos)
29 July 2011

The Mountains of France (43 photos)
26 July 2011

Verona, Italy (35 photos)
24 July 2011, Italy

Town and Castle of Soave, Italy (38 photos)
23 July 2011, Italy

41 Responses to “Photo Albums”
  1. 08.05.2011

    Wow you must be having a great time. I wish I were you, eating all that good fika and food looks so good! I miss you so much kajsa!
    Isabella molloy

  2. Sarah

    It sounds like you have had a lot of fun on your trip

  3. lena


    Underbara bilder ifran Ostergard.
    Jag lamnar i morgon yeah. Jag ringer
    pa torsdag middag.
    kramar Lena

  4. PeiPei


    Hope you all have a great time in Italy!

    Missing you all

  5. lena

    Hej pa er alla!

    Ar inte Venedig en helt underbar stad. jag blir hungrig var gang jag ser alla fika stop ni gor. Snart ar ni i Osterlen Harligt.
    manga kramar Lena

  6. Brian Shelton

    The Pigeon Valley from above photo (9 of 9) reminds me of a section of the Rio Grande Valley as it once looked out from Tent Rocks (kasha katuwe) National Park here in New Mexico. And there are numerous hollyhocks planted around Santa Fe just springing up here and there.

    Turkey looks interesting and fun!

  7. lena

    Hej pa er!

    Snyggt stalle ni bor pa. Ha en bra tid, var bar det av till nast?
    Vi ses snart. manga kramar Lena

  8. Irene Tang

    So great to see all of you in Shanghai, really enjoy your fantastic pictures. Have a nice trip to HongKong!

    • Per

      Irene, thank you so much for an incredible lunch with the team. We very much enjoyed it. Beautiful place and very yummy food! Hope to see you in the states sometimes soon. Per and the girls

  9. Karin Wingerup

    Hej alla fyra!
    Ni verkar ha det riktigt mysigt i bilen! Ni sover nog gott…

  10. lena

    Hej pa er alla!

    Vilka fina vyer. Ett vackert land. Hur ar det att kampa?
    Ha det bra

  11. Karen

    Chicken flavored chips? Did you try them?

  12. Mrs. Klipfel

    Thanks for the “Bubbly” toast picture. It is fun seeing the famous “mouse” around the world. I’m not sure about the kangaroo pizza though.

  13. lena

    Glad Pask!

    Roligt att se bilder ifran Saigon, intressant stad.
    Bruiser och jag ska snart kora upp till Topsfield
    for att fira pask. ha det bra.
    manga kramar Lena

  14. Jessica Liu

    Dear All,

    Thank you for sharing so many Lovely photos!

    Nice to see you are getting so close to China. Seeing you all in Beijing soon!

    PeiPei, Michael and Jessica

  15. Kurt K.

    Angkor Thom looks great!

  16. Elysabeth

    Okay, I NEED to recipe for ginger fish! It looked so good. What an amazing experience to have while traveling. I am sure that you miss cooking.

  17. Åsa Edén

    Hej alla,
    Nu börjar våren att komma i skåne, lite lättare att känna det när man läser om era upptåg, om ni bara har det hälften så bra som det ser ut så har ni det toppen… :-)
    Vi har ju varit i Thailand samtidigt, dåligt planerat, ni hade ju kunnat dykt upp på Koh Tao och njutit av livet med oss!!!
    Kram till er alla!
    Åsa Adde Ronja Mio

  18. lena


    Paminner mig om min resa till Thailand. har ni atit pa gatstanden dom har fantastisk mat. ha det gott kramar Lena

  19. Brian Shelton

    Love the photo of all 4 of you “Making Your Way up the Mountain” as you explore the Wadi. What an adventure that must have been!!! You all look so ALIVE. How wonderful. All the best to you. I’m taking a new job to direct finances and administration for the main water utility in Santa Fe. A bit of a detour perhaps, but I plan to be back in Nuclear pretty soon.


  20. Kurt

    I love the mosque and old Dubai pics! I wish I were there!

  21. Brenda G

    I LOVe these photos–the ski photos are so great!!

  22. Karin Wingerup

    Hej på er!
    Vilka fantastiska bilder!
    Hinner ni med att smälta allt? Så många nya intryck…

    • per

      Otrolig resa! Over alla forvantningar. Det kommer att ta manga ar innan vi pa riktigt kan smalta allt det har. Jag sitter pa en balkong (tjejerna sover) och tittar ut over doda havet (vi ar har i ett par dagar innan vi aker till Dubai). En vecka i Dubai och sen ska vi dra ner pa tempot innan vi aker upp i Bhutan. Sa det verkar bli 10 dagar pa beachen i sodra Thailand – Krabi kanske? Har inte bestamt annu. Vi far se. Manga kramar!!!

  23. Karen

    Girls and I wondering if you had to all have headresses when out in public or just Sian?
    Karen, Sarah and JJ

  24. sophia

    Your pictures are so beautiful – glad that all is calm and that you were able to enjoy the antiquities! Be well and be safe!

  25. Jenny

    The pictures are all so pretty! Though my favorite would probably have to be the ones with Linnea, Mrs. Winngerup, and Kajsa all in raincoats. It has been snowing a lot lately. The weather must be hot and humid there. Hope you’re enjoying your trip!

  26. Kim Boucher

    Thanks for the moon picture! We’ll have fun comparing the Northern and Southern Hemisphere moon phases.

  27. natasha mckenzie

    Hello Sian and Family,

    I had to write and tell you that I am loving your pictures! I’m enjoying all the “little things” photos- the coffee, the gnome sign, the laundry, as much as the monumental stuff- the dunes, city shots, the penguins, and baboons! It really brings one into your experience in a full, engaging and exciting way. Keep enjoying & thanks for sharing!

    All the best,

  28. lena


    hur har ni det i varmen och er bilresa? har ar det hemskt vader> Florida ser lovande ut.
    kramar Lena

  29. Karin Wingerup

    Hej hela familjen!
    Vilket äventyr ni upplever just nu…
    Det är fantastiskt att följa er via bloggen!
    Jag får “ståpäls”…
    Kram Karin

  30. Jim George

    Hi Sian! The family of four penguins looked suspiciously as though they were trying a yoga pose…. were you showing them how? Big smile here for all of you. -jim

  31. Dan

    Hi Guys,
    wow, Lena and I just looked through your pics. They all look amazing and it sure looks like you’re all having a fantastic time. Who wouldn’t. Anyway, you’re not here, but we’re thinking about you all through your pics. Be safe and enjoy.


  32. Lesley Poisson

    I am so happy for you guys. What a trip you are on! Bravo! Lovely photos. Stay well.

  33. lena

    hej pa er alla!

    det ar helt underbart att kunna se var ni ar. Manga fina foto. Jag har en ny datorkramar lena

  34. Heidi Gudaitis

    So jealous to see you all in shorts and t-shirts. We just had another 6 inches of snow (to add to the already 2.5 ft we already have) and we are expecting more on Friday. We miss you – our walking to school schedule has been off since you left (Karen is keeping us on track)!

  35. Bill Bowman

    I am so proud of you guys!

    Not only are you traveling the world and showing us there is more out there than we tend to get use to…

    You are now Blog experts!

    It was nice to help you guys, it’s even more fun to watch you guys add wonderful content! Your ahead of most of my clients.

    Your Buddy,
    Billy B

  36. 01.11.2011

    Amazing!! I just left Kristen and she wanted me to remind you to only get the bangs trimmed and keep the rest long!!:) Looks like a wonderful trip- we are following you on our map!!
    Alison et al

  37. Terri Lee

    Love Love LOVE Yoga in the Park!

  38. nancy mc

    Hi Sian and Per. The photos of Santiago are wonderful – reminded us of our great trip there 10 years ago. I’m not sure if you will be in Puenta Arenas or not, but if you are, there is an ancient museum there that I will never forget — it’s rather nondescript from the exterior, but once inside (hold your nose because moth balls proliferate!) it is something else. I swear there are things there from Darwin’s time! Happy travels………….Nancy & Linda

  39. Elysabeth

    I love the Harry Potter accompanying the fika! Shows a well-read, well-fed family!

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