Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you taking this trip?

On any given day, we may give you a different reason for going on this adventure.  I think this speaks to the fact that we have many, many reasons to go.  I jokingly call it a preplanned mid-life crisis.  Might as well make it a good one, and have some company for the ride, right?

Most simply, we want to see the world.  We want to see how people live, eat, play, and pray.  We’re seeking new perspectives.  And we want to see it with the girls at this wonderful young (yet not too young) age, so we can see the world through their eyes.

Can I go with you?


Can I meet you somewhere along the way?

Maybe!   We are always happy to see friends.  Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll talk.

What are you doing about the girls’ schoolwork?

We will be homeschooling the girls for half a school year.  They are getting an excellent foundation in their classes right now (thanks Mrs. Klipfel and Mrs. Boucher!), and we will pick up where they leave off in January.  This includes using homeschool resources on the internet, books and workbooks.  We are staying connected with the girls’ classes, and hope to Skype with them during our travels.  Kajsa and Linnea will also have their own sections of the blog, so they can practice writing while sharing their experiences with their friends.  Finally, we think the girls will be getting a pretty amazing education being on the road!

Are you crazy?

Yes, just a little.

What about employment?

Per is taking a leave from his job, and we are very grateful that he is able to do so.  It is an immeasurable gift, and one that we do not take for granted.  Sian will take her full-time job on the road, since being a mom is currently her number one priority.  As for her other jobs, she will continue writing and will hopefully be teaching yoga as we go too!

Where are you going?

Below is the plan:

  • 4  days      New York City
  • 10 days     Chile – Santiago and other
  • 11 days     Argentina – Buenos Aires, Ushuaia
  • 15 days     South Africa
  • 9 days       Tanzania – Safari
  • 8 days       Jordan (including camels for Kajsa!)
  • 5 days       Dubai
  • 11 days     India
  • 9 days       Bhutan
  • 7 days       Thailand
  • 21 days     Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia
  • 3 days       Singapore
  • 12 days     Australia
  • 12 days     New Zealand
  • 8 days       Fiji
  • 3 days       Hong Kong
  • 10 days     Japan
  • 23 days     China – Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Macau
  • 8 days       Turkey – Istanbul
  • 22 days     Train Travel in Europe (Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland)
  • 15 days     Sweden
  • Return to Boston

By the way, what is fika?

Definition modified from Wikipedia:  Fika is both a Swedish verb and noun that roughly means “to drink coffee,” usually accompanied by something sweet.  Fika is a social institution in Sweden; it means having a break, most often a coffee break, with one’s colleagues, friends, date, or family. This practice of taking a break, typically with a cinnamon roll or some sweets or cookies, or sometimes a smörgås or a fruit on the side, is central to Swedish life.

This practice of taking fika is also central to the Wingerup’s life.  We take fika very seriously.

6 Responses to “FAQs”
  1. 02.22.2011

    Hello Everyone at BAC hopes you are having a great time. I will be in Europe May and June. What a great experience for you and your family. Have fun and be safe Judy

  2. Marcel Baki

    WOW! What a wonderful adventure. Have fun, guys! :O)

    Haramis International Family Class of ’96

  3. Kate Slater

    Hey it’s Kate here, Haramis Family 2004 ;)

    Let me know when/where in Australia you’re heading and we’ll do our best to help out/show you around/whatever :)

  4. Madison Cass

    Wow! So many places! As I now say- it is good to be the Wingerups!

  5. 01.23.2011

    When you go to Italy you have to tell me about it in fourth grade!!!!! I’v been wanting to go to Italy since 1st grade! :] Because I have a lot of cousins there.

  6. Kyle McBournie (and mom)

    Enjoy!!!! We can’t wait to share your experiences and get a little schooling too, even if it is vicariously!!!

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