… 4 minutes …

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

It would be a lie to say we haven’t cried because our big adventure is over.  But we are now firmly moving into the next phase of our journey – sharing it.

This past week we “presented” our trip for the first time.  We were in the meeting room of our local library, and the room was filled with friends and neighbors – the best audience you could ever ask for.  We had so much fun showing pictures, sharing stories, answering questions, and bringing our friends on the journey with us.

In preparation for the meeting, we created a 4-minute video answering the question, “where did you go?”

Click here:  Around the World in 4 Minutes

I hope it answers a little more than that.

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3 Responses to “… 4 minutes …”
  1. walt herip

    In 4 words: that is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing the great 4-minute synopsis of family fun! Hope you have fine time sharing and keeping your personal adventure alive.

  2. 03.25.2012


    Really great stuff! Amazing how you managed to cram so much into 4 minutes and create a very enjoyable watching experience. Love the music too. Looking forward to seeing the four of you soon. Be prepared for more changes……….

    Kramar, Lene och Sjaak

  3. Paula Klipfel

    The 4 minute video is a reminder of the wonderful adventure your family took and just how much I miss your weekly email updates from places far away that most of only dream of. As always thank you for sharing.

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