The old adage says, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  I can think of no way to better describe our two weeks in Sweden….


Evenings in the courtyard

Biking in the forest


Playing with friends

Laughing together with family

Enjoying nature

Stopping to smell the flowers



Snuggling some more

And, of course, eating FIKA!

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6 Responses to “…picture…”
  1. Brenda G

    Safe journey home–really looking forward to seeing you all!

  2. Georgeane

    Through all of your travels upon this earth I have so enjoyed reading your blogs. Wow. Such wonderful writings that really seemed to capture the true spirit of not only where you were, but why and how it was to be there. How special it has been to share your travels through your words and how I have reaped so much abundance from it! I want to go to Sweden and to Thailand and to New Zealand and Africa and Paris and… everywhere! Thank you Sian and family.
    Continued safe travels.

  3. sophia

    welcome back! Happy that you all made it home but sad cause I will miss the postings from all the exotic places!

    fyi – we are (Ted, his sister Sister Mary and I) heading to Boston and New England end of September. O’Brien mini reunion in Boston and then heading to Maine – never been there and so looking forward to it!

    Take care -


  4. Kim

    Very nice! The biggest thing I am going to miss is the ritual of checking up on the site to see what is new. So the search starts for a new diversion. Right now I am not able to imagin be able to find one that I will enjoy anywhere near so much. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

    Remember to be able to tell good stories ……. and tell them.

    Love Kim

  5. 08.15.2011

    Sooo nice…. We miss you already! Hope yoiu have a safe flight home tomorrow. Hugs from Lene and Sjaak

  6. Lawler

    What a superb ending to a fantastic voyage!! Loving the love I see!!

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