Ah, Paris!

I have always wanted to go to Paris, and see the Eiffel Tower, explore the old buildings, and eat a croissant with apricot jam. When I found out that we were going, I got very excited.  Then after a blur of countries we were there, in Paris. Before we went to Paris however, I had a conversation with myself.  “Don’t expect too much,” I told myself, “or maybe it will be disappointing when we get there.”

But, when we got there it was not disappointing at all. Instead I was overjoyed at how awesome Paris was at first sight.  Almost every building that I saw was old and beautiful. I couldn’t wait to explore.

We only had one full day in Paris, so we chose three main highlights: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and just walking around in the city.

I got my first look at the Eiffel Tower when we were walking outside the Louvre.  Even though we were far away, it looked big.  When we finally saw it up close, it looked gigantic!  Standing underneath the Eiffel Tower is impossible to describe well, so I will just leave it at AWESOME!  It was better than I could ever imagine.

Our next stop was Notre Dame.  I definitely think it is one of the most beautiful churches in the world.  Inside, there were carvings on the walls, and paintings on the really high ceilings.  There was also a boys’ choir practicing in the back of the church.  We felt very lucky to hear them sing because they sounded like angels.  We sat and listened to them while enjoying the beauty of Notre Dame.

We finished our day with a picnic dinner of baguettes, cheese, fruit and wine (for the adults).  YUM!  (By the way, I did get to eat a croissant with apricot jam for breakfast on the way to the airport.)


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  1. maddy harvey

    hey linnea, u r soooo lucky, i have always wanted to go to paris!!!!!!!!!!

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