…travel companions…

A few months back, we had our first tense discussion with the girls related to the trip.  This came about when we mentioned they could only take one stuffed animal with them.


Needless to say, it didn’t go over well.  But we stood our ground, and explained that each person only has one piece of luggage, and you may want clothes in there.  Since everyone was all fired up anyway, I also mentioned that I thought it would be best if Papa Bear, Emily Dog, Purrs and Fuzzy (their oldest and dearest fluffy friends) stayed at home instead of going.  I would be The girls would be devastated if something happened and we lost Pappa Bear in China or Fiji.

But wait!  There is a silver lining, and it’s a good one!  We decided to find special animals for the trip, and this required research!  We laid out the following criteria.

  • They must be the appropriate size (big enough to snuggle, small enough to carry easily),
  • They must be squishable (so they can be tucked into the corner of a bag), and
  • Above all else, they must be adorable.

I told the girls that pappa and I would also be carrying animals, so we needed to pick out four.  It wasn’t until Kajsa was trying to decide which animal Per would like that she asked, “does pappa even like stuffed animals?”

“I don’t think he feels one way or the other about them, sweetie.”

“Then why is he taking one?”

“So that when we have a really long flight, or a long time to hang out,  we have some extra buddies for you girls.”

She jumped down from her stool, ran over to my chair and gave me the biggest hug.  “Oh, thank you mommy!”

I’m not sure what touched me more…the spontaneous outpouring of gratitude, or the fact that she never questioned if I would want a stuffed animal!

Below:  The girls with their new travel companions.  (They are Ty Pluffies, by the way.)

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  1. Sims

    Don’t forget that PapaBear will be waiting for postcards from his special girls so that he will feel part of the trip despite not getting to go.

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