…planning…oh, yeah, that….

As we have become more public with our trip, inevitably people ask, “is the trip all planned?” It is a good question. It is a reasonable question. The answer, however, hasn’t changed much over the last few months. Work, school, teaching, activities…they all seem to have dominated, and the trip is in our minds, but not on our “to do” list.

The answer to the question right now is, “we’re leaving on January 2 and returning around August 12 and all the stuff in the middle is a little fuzzy.” :) I’m hoping the answer by the end of the summer is, “yes, we have a structure, we have applied for some visas, and we’re making excellent progress”.

Back in one of the first blogs, I mentioned that Per is a “let’s wing it” kind of guy, and I’m a “plan, plan, plan” kind of girl, so it will be fascinating to see how the end result turns out. As I look at the daunting (but fun!) task of planning all the details of the trip, I can feel myself leaning in Per’s direction. No, I’m not up for “winging it” as an overall strategy, but I definitely see that planning every experience from home isn’t a good strategy either.

See…the trip is changing us already!

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