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3rd grade math and other mysteries of the universe…

The second question I get, right after “where are you going on the big trip?”, inevitably centers around school. How will the girls keep up with their education while we’re on the road?

My first answer is always, “the trip itself will be an amazing education for all of us.” But once I get past my big dreams of how we’ll all be so much wiser (one can hope!), the reality of real-life obligations sneak in. I do not want the girls formal education to be delayed. In other words. I don’t want them to repeat a grade because of the trip. So, that leaves us with…homeschooling. Thus, my concerns about 3rd grade math.

Our plan is to start the girls in school, and let them complete the first half of the school year in order to establish a good foundation for their academic growth. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that the schools won’t freak out when they hear about our trip, and will work with us to develop a plan (or at least give it the thumbs up) and hook us up with teachers who think the big trip is cool.

So what’s my obsession with 3rd grade math? Let’s just say I was a little alarmed when Linnea brought home some homework that I didn’t understand. Thankfully we have two things in our favor.
1 – My math confusion has only happened once. (OK maybe twice)
2 – Per understands it.

I honestly don’t know if I’d have the fortitude, or smarts, to try to homeschool the girls alone, but Per and I have complementary academic strengths. Between the two of us, we can get the job done. Unless I can talk one of their teachers into going with us…. (kidding…sort of).

:) sian