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And so it begins (sort of)…

Around the world, we go, we go, around the world we go…

The Plan

The “big trip” has been big talk around our house for awhile now. Here’s the gist of it: In January 2010, we plan to pull the girls out of school and hit the road. What better education could we all have than seeing the world? Granted you can’t see the whole world in 6 months, but our goal is set our feet on six continents (Antarctica is still under consideration) and have an up close and personal experience with different cultures, ways of life and landscapes.


How did this all come about, you ask? Well, two years ago, Per had a 2-week business trip to China (not unusual) and I had the great opportunity to go with him (very unusual). My mom and dad graciously stayed with the girls (thanks grandma and grandpa!), and Per and I did something we hadn’t done in many, many years. We explored a new place together. In a word, it was awesome. I really, really enjoyed China and would go back in a second. It was so beautiful, and different, and fascinating. People were so kind. The food was awesome – and occasionally gross, which is OK too. More than anything, as we were on the airplane home, as much as I was dying to see my girls again, I was overcome with immense sadness that we were leaving this amazing place already. I wanted more.

Anyone who knows us, knows that Per is a great traveler, and always jumps right into new experiences on the road. We’ll tell you tales of food poisoning, getting lost on a Japanese mountain, and drinking fermeted mare’s milk with a Mongolian priest some other time. I, on the other hand, tend to be the homebody. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good adventure, I’m just a bit more hesitant. Imagine Per’s surprise when I suddenly decided I’d like to go around the world. He was all for it immediately, but didn’t quite believe I was serious. His doubts were legitimate, but the more we talked about it, the more we both warmed up to the idea. We slowly introduced the idea to the girls, who were all for it. Ah, the joy of being 6 and 8! Now, they say “when we go around the world” as naturally as saying “when we go to the grocery store”. It’s a riot.


It’s one thing to say “let’s go around the world”, and something altogether different to do it. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve a had hundreds of crazy ideas that I have kept to myself, and therefore didn’t need to follow through. It was Per’s dad (hej Farfar!) who gave us the secret to making this trip reality. Tell people. The more people you tell, the more you’ll feel accountable to follow through. It happened to him. Long story short, he told people he was coming over to work on the last presidential campaign, and a story about his trip ended up in the local paper. There was no backing out because everyone knew he was going!

Now What?

Per seems to think we are going to “wing” the whole trip. You’d think the man had never met me! I like to plan things. For goodness sake, it was my paying job for many years, and is my non-paying (but still lovely) job now! Back in college, my friend Kristen and I used to joke that we needed to plan more spontaneity into our lives. I’m still like that.

I’d like to start by making a general list of places we’d like to go. This will mostly be based on our own travel interests and experience. Now that’s all fine and good, but I realized quickly that we have lots of friends who have had lots of adventures, and it would be very smart for us to tap into all that experience and see what happens!

What YOU can do!

Tell us about your travel experiences! Tell us places you consider a “must visit”. Tell us places you would avoid, or found disappointing. Share your travel stories and your grand adventures. We are looking forward to your great advice.

Comments are open….

:) sian